Top Tips for Trans Remembrance Day 2021

One of our Fabulous Transgender volunteers has kindly put together some resilience tips for transgender people for Transgender day of remembrance 2021;

1. Ask yourself what self care looks like for you. What helps you to feel safe on days like these? Perhaps make a chart or list to help yourself deal with the emotional impact of such days.
2. Make a poster for your wall with sources of support and people you can reach out to if you are struggling. This helps because in the moments we most need support, it can be hard to find the emotional energy to think about who to reach out to. So having a list already can give us a little more energy to actually reach out.
3. Avoid the comments sections of social media posts; there are often extremely upsetting comments here that can impact your mental health.
4. Try to limit your exposure to some of the more graphic content and know that it is completely ok if you need to need to step away from things for a while.
5. Reach out to other members of the community. On days like TDOR, it is extra important that the community comes together to support each other.
6. Perhaps attend a TDOR event or vigil (IF it is safe for you to do so) and mark the day with others in the community.
7. Try to be gentle with yourself: understand that you may feel any number of things and that whatever you feel, is ok and completely normal, valid and allowed.
8. Perhaps arrange to spend time with a trusted friend.
9. Try to spend some time outside; it will help your mood.
10. Do at least one self care activity.
11. Reach out to support services if you need to. They are there to support people who are struggling and they will not judge you.

You are not alone, if you need to talk to someone get in contact with us